Monday, March 5, 2012

VIDEO: MUST SEE: Peter Schiff Called It

We should start listening to Peter Schiff a LOT more. There is nothing he said in this entire video that I can disagree with, and look at him getting laughed at by all the other TV talking heads back before the housing crisis right as he was precisely predicting everything that was coming over the next several years. Scary how wrong Ben Bernanke was and he's still running the Fed. Ron Paul is really good on these issues. If he wasn't such a foreign policy nutcase, I might support him for President. Please, if you have any questions and want to understand the truth, please ask questions and I can explain more.

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Anonymous said...

Toby - I found the video very informative...and it reminded me of Zedekiah's reign just prior to the Babylonian captivity when Zedekiah brought all of these false prophets to prophesy such great things...all the while Jeremiah brought the Word of the Lord...and was severely punished for prophesying the truth. There is a "better kingdom" yet to come! "Even so, come, Lord Jesus!"