Thursday, July 2, 2009

VIDEOS: Obama is a Big Fat Liar

Guy Benson from NRO has Obama ads from last year's presidential campaign posted that illustrate that yet another one of Barack Obama's promises comes with an expiration date.

Obama constantly ripped McCain for proposing to tax employer-provided health insurance. Of course what McCain was proposing was leveling the playing field where instead of only giving a tax DEDUCTION to those who get their health insurance through their employer, EVERYONE would get a $5,000 tax CREDIT. As I've noted before, I think over 95% of people would get a better tax scenario under McCain's plan. And it would be exactly the right step to move toward a much better functioning health insurance market.

What Obama is now refusing to take off the table is just a plain old tax increase on employer provided benefits in order to fund his health care reforms. He's not simply restructuring the tax treatment to level the playing field as McCain proposed.

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