Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Biden's Gaffes

Democratic VP candidate Joe Biden said today, "I never make any big, big gaffes."

Well how big do they have to be, Senator? I wrote the following tongue-in-cheek comment at HotAir:

I believe Mr. Biden, I do. I happened to run into him at Home Depot and he was explaining how when the stock market crashed in 1929, President FDR didn’t just raise taxes and tarrifs to drive us from a recession into a depression. No, no no! He got on TV and explained the situation to the American public! Now that’s the leadership we need today.

I was interested in hearing more, so I followed him down to Katie’s restaurant and he told me all about how Article I of the Constitution defines the role of the VP, and Sarah Palin should know better than to think the VP is president of the Senate.

While there, we spotted a wheelchair-bound state senator, and Joe told him to "Stand Up, Chuck! Give a hug to your old Uncle Joe! Oh my God, what am I saying?”

After Chuck rolled off with a frown on his face, Mr. Biden confided in me (and the nearby undercover press) that he was pretty sure that at least one rogue world leader would test Obama in his 1st 6 months.

Then he paused and said, “I think Hillary would have been a better VP pick than me, but Barack picked me because I have a higher IQ.”


  • The Home Depot reference is from the VP debate, where Biden tried to say he was down with middle class folk because he hung out at Home Depot a lot.
  • A few weeks before that, he said in a Katie Couric interview that FDR had gotten on the TV and communicated directly to the American people what was going on with the stock market crash. Of course the stock market crash was in 1929 and FDR was not president until 1932. And TV's were not available for mass consumption for another decade after the crash.
  • I had a previous post on Katie's restaurant. That was another reference Biden made to show he was just a regular Joe. Problem is Katie's Restaurant that he referred to was closed 15-20 years ago, highlighting how long he's been out of touch with the middle class, and what a bald-faced liar he is.
  • In the VP debate, Biden said that Palin should know that the duties of the VP are layed out in Article I, the Executive. Of course, Article I of the constitution defines the role of the Legislative branch, and designates the VP as president of the Senate (role undefined other than votes to break a tie in the Senate). Article II defines the role of the Executive. Shocking ignorance from Biden, who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Somewhere on the campaign trail, there was a local state senator whose first name was Chuck, and Biden was thanking supporters like they always do at the start of campaign rally speeches. Biden introduced Chuck and then asked him to "Stand up" forgetting that he was wheelchair-bound. He quickly followed up by saying, "Oh my God, what am I say saying?"
  • Just a few weeks before the election, Biden was speaking at a fundraiser and apparently forgot the press was there because he basically guaranteed that there would be a generated international crisis within 6 months. They would test Obama just like they did with young JFK, and the donors would need to keep backing them strongly, because it wouldn't be apparent that Obama was doing the right thing. I'm not kidding. He said it.
  • Biden famously said several weeks after he was picked as VP that Hillary may have been a better pick than himself.
  • Back when Biden was running for president in 1988, I think, he snapped back at a reporter who asked Biden about his college education that he had a higher IQ than the reporter, and went on to brag, making several flat-out untrue statements (saying he had full scholarship when he only had a small partial scholarship, saying he graduated at the top of his class when he graduated near the bottom, etc.)

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